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The J Crimi Story

In 1995 James Crimi moved to Las Vegas from Syracuse, New York in order to improve his career as a licensed optician. After working for the major corporate-owned eyeglass stores in Las Vegas, he had enough. Enough of being told, "You're spending too much time with your client." Enough of "Don't fix their glasses, sell them new ones." Enough of "Nobody gets a break in price no matter how much they spend." Enough of "Charge them for a cleaning kit" after they bought a new pair of glasses. That's when he knew that it was time to turn his vision into a reality and open his own optical store where he could offer unique eyewear and great customer service.

The J Crimi Eyewear Boutique opened its doors in October 2007. Since then it has grown beyond expectations almost exclusively because of referrals from satisfied clients. Come by and see us. Whether you're looking for a cool pair of shades, some high-end designer frames, or something studious, trendy, or glamorous, we're experts in helping you choose the right glasses to fit your face and suit your personality. At J Crimi, we treat you like family.